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Imogen Goodall

Sports Massage and Injury Rehabilitation

Qualified Sports Therapist with SportsTherapyUK and VTCT

About Imogen

After spending many years dealing with injuries in her elite gymnastics coaching career, she decided to develop her knowledge and study in sports therapy. Within her practice Imogen focuses on recovering injured tissue within the body using a variety of techniques and restoring it back to its healthy state. She will then work with you to maintain this healthy tissue and prevent any reinjury or new injury.

Imogen has experience working with a variety of different injuries from massaging muscle tension to rehabilitating torn ligaments in the knee. She additionally has experience working as a Physiotherapy Assistant at the National Centre for Spinal Injuries (Stoke Mandeville Hospital), rehabilitating patients with spinal cord injuries and paralysis.

She is a valued member of the Sports Therapy Association (STA), the Balfens Affinity Scheme, and the National Association of Sports Coaches (NASC).


Neck, Shoulders and Back Massage

A relaxing 1hr treatment.

Sports Massage

This is used to help prevent soft tissue injuries. Benefits of sports massage include: increased range of movement and flexibility, decreased muscle tension, reduction in pain and further injury, relaxation. A sports massage can help you achieve maximum performance and increase recovery speed.

NMT Trigger Point Therapy

This is used to release tight bands of muscle fibres that create hypersensitive spots around the body, these spots are commonly known as 'knots'. This therapy can help with emotional stress, injury, poor posture and inadequate rest.

Soft Tissue Injury Assessment

If you feel you have injured something but are not sure what to do about it, this assessment helps to acertain the problem and give you advice. This could include a rehab program, rest and recovery or further testing. This can help to alleviate your pain and worries.

Sports Performance Analysis

This can help you make adjustments to enhance your performance. This analysis looks at your current physical abilities and limitations, biometrics, posture, imbalances, and joint function to assess whether you are on track to meet your sporting goals.

Booking Information

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Sports Massage (1 hour) £45.00

NMT Trigger Point Therapy (45 minutes) £35.00

Neck, Shoulders and Back Massage (1 hour) £45.00

Soft Tissue Injury Assessment (45 minutes) £35.00

Sports Performance Analysis (1 hour) £45.00

*Pricing correct as of Jan 24.

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Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy (STT)

Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy (STT)

A range of treatment options for the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body. It is applicable not just to sports people but anyone wishing to use a preventative approach to injury. A 1hr neck, back and shoulders massage is also available.

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