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Jonathan Potter


Hearing Aid Audiologist FdSc, Certificate in Microsuction

Jonathan first qualified as an audiologist in 2011 from Oxford Brookes University. He started out

working for the NHS at Nuneaton George Elliot hospital. He then had the opportunity to manage an

independent hearing aid store in Banbury where he gain vast experience fitting the latest hearing aid technology.

Jonathan has a wide range of audiological skills and is qualified in micro-suction wax removal,

irrigation wax removal hearing assessment and hearing aid fitting.

Jonathan is available every Monday at Raleigh Park Clinic providing micro suction wax removal,

hearing assessments and hearing aid fitting and repairs.

To book an appointment for wax removal please visit

Appointments and Pricing

30 minutes (time varies depending on extent of wax)

Cost ranges from £57-£92 depending on time of appointment.

*Pricing correct as of Jan 24.

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Micro-suction wax removal, hearing assessment and hearing aid fitting.

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