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About us

Raleigh Park Clinic offers an extensive range of Allied Healthcare services delivered by experienced, caring and supportive healthcare professionals.

About Us

Raleigh Park Clinic offers the very best in Allied Healthcare services delivered by experienced, caring, and supportive healthcare professionals.  Our practitioners and healthcare professionals have extensive experience in treating a wide range of health issues and all undergo regular Continued Professional Development (CPD) in order to maintain the highest standard of care that both the clinic, its patients and clients demand.

The clinic was named after the nearby Raleigh Park, a nature reserve named in honour of Professor Sir Walter Raleigh, who lived nearby. The clinic is located in a beautiful setting with views of the Oxford spires and has been housed on the site for over 30 years.

We are open and ready to help you

The Raleigh Park Team

We continue to offer online and telephone consultations to those patients deemed to be in 'at risk' groups or for those who do not wish to or cannot attend the clinic in person

Osteopath at Work

To book Osteopathy or the Hip Triage Clinic with Steve Mangan, please

Neck Therapy

To book Acupuncture with Isobel Dunnet, please

Back Massage

To book Soft Tissue Therapy with Jo Medhurst, please


To book Osteopathy with Sonia Keerstock, please


To book Podiatry with Felicity Burnell, please

Ear Exam

To book Audiology with Jonathan Potter (Mondays), please

Shoulder Massage

To book Massage with Imogen Goodall, please

Acupressure Neck Massage

To book Vocal Massage with Lydia Flock, please

Ear Wax Removal

To book Audiology with Safah Lone (Wednesday and Friday), please

For all other appointments, please contact us on 01865 200365

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