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Jo Medhurst

Abdominal-Sacral and Scar Massage Therapist

BA (Hons), Qualified in Abdominal, Scar and Fertility Massage

Jo has been a specialist massage therapist for 12 years. With abdominal massage and scar massage she is able to help with issues and symptoms that people often feel they just have to live with. She is passionate about supporting, empowering and teaching clients, providing them with tools (such as self-help massage and nutritional advice) so they can speed up their healing and be more involved in the process.


“I love seeing the difference in people from when they first come in to when they leave happier and healthier. The difference these techniques make still amazes me after years of working with people. I’ve worked with most digestive and gynae issues with abdominal massage now, and I’ve yet to come across one that the massage can’t improve. It’s always worth getting in touch if you’ve a problem in those areas to see how the massage can benefit you.


Scar massage is one of the most satisfying therapies to do as you can feel the scar tissue melting away as you work on it. The results are amazing and it can help prevent further issues related to adhesions such as mobility problems, pain and digestive issues. If you have a scar, no matter how old it is, there’s always lots that can be done to improve it.”


Abdominal massage helps with…


Bloating, sluggish digestion, constipation, IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis, Coeliac and intolerance recovery, bladder/kidney/liver issues, inflammation and abdominal cramps/ pain


Fertility issues, endometriosis, painful/irregular periods, PCOS, cysts and many more.


Abdominal Massage is £90 for the first session (1.5hrs) and £70 for follow ups or £195 for 3 (including the first session)


Scar massage is £70 per session or £195 for 3.

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Abdominal-Sacral and Scar Massage Therapy

Abdominal-Sacral and Scar Massage Therapy

Abdominal massage and scar massage can help with issues and symptoms that people often feel they just have to live with. Abdominal massage can help with: IBS, Crohn's, coeliac/intolerance recovery, endometriosis, fertility issues, cysts and more.

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