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Jackie Levitsky



About Jackie

Jackie is psychoanalytic psychotherapist with over twenty years experience. She graduated with a BA (Hons) in social sciences from the University of Sussex. Having trained in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the London Centre for Psychotherapy she then became a founding member of the International Attachment Network, (London) and completed a systemic psychology training in brief solution focused therapy under Prof Cummings, (London) ex-president of the American Psychological Association. She has also undertaken postgraduate training in Washington DC, USA.

Her approach is to seek to understand how current emotional and psychological difficulties can have their origin in thoughts and feelings that are unconcious to the individual and may be located somewhere in past childhood experiences.

Jackie work with a wide range of emotional, psychological and interpersonal difficulties and with individuals, couples and families.

Appointments and Pricing

Session (90 minutes) £80

*Pricing correct as of Jan 24.

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